Health and Safety Guidelines for Service Reopening

We are excited to be able to meet once again in the church sanctuary of Eastside Baptist Church; however for your health and safety we have taken extra precautionary meausres to ensure that the building is clean and safe.

  1. To ensure everyone’s safety, thorough cleaning of all church buildings will be implemented before and after every service, including the 9:00 AM Sunday service.
  2. The only two entry points upon arriving at EBC will be the main entrance glass doors located at the front of the church and the front glass doors of the Family Enrichment Center (for children going to children’s church on Sunday mornings or teens going to Ignite on Wednesday nights).  All other doors will be locked.
  3. Please use hand sanitizer before entering the building.
  4. No personal contact in any form (handshakes, hugs, pats on the back, etc.).
  5. Masks and gloves will be provided just inside if you choose to use them or you may wear your own.  Glove and mask use are optional for those attending.
  6. Our restrooms are available for emergency use only.
  7. Our ushers will take you to an appointed seat once inside the sanctuary.  There will be a limited number of people allowed per pew and every other pew will be vacated for social distancing purposes.  Please sit with your family
  8. Families with babies ages 2 and under can be seated in the overflow room located off of the lobby(maximum of 3 moms and 3 babies) or they can go to the nursery where TV monitors are set up to watch the service. The choir room can be a third option is additional space is needed.
  9. If there is any senior or person with an underlying health condition who would like to sit in the Ladies of Grace or Victory classrooms for further social distancing, please notify an usher.
  10. Families with children ages 3-5 can drop off your children in the 4’s and 5’s classroom.  We will practice social distancing in every child’s class.
  11. All children ages 1st – 5th grade can go to the FEC for children’s church (all children will use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting.  Social distancing will also be practiced).
  12. Please remain in your seat until you are dismissed by an usher at the end of the service.
  13. Please do not enter parts of the building that you do no need to enter.
  14. Upon dismissal, please practice social distancing guidelines as recommended when visiting with others in the parking lot.
  15. We ask that all fellowshipping with others take place outside.

Other General Information

  1. 9:00 AM service for those ages 50 and older; No children’s ministries; no staffed nursery
  2. 10:30 AM service for those ages 49 and under; Children’s ministries will be provided and are optional for families; no staffed nursery (the above age guidleines are simply recommendations to split our congregational into manageble sizes for social distancing purposes. If you need to attend other services outside of your suggested categories that is completely fine.)
  3. Upon arriving Sunday morning, please “check-in” on our EBC Facebook page
  4. Please go to our Facebook page and share our temporary service schedule
  5. No Sunday School or choir until further notice.
  6. If feeling sick, please stay home.
  7. If you are not comfortable attending yet, please join each service by livestream.
  8. All services will continue to be live-streamed.
  9. The 9:00AM service will only be available for live stream on YouTube.
  10. The 10:30AM, 6:30PM and Wednesday 7:00PM service will be available on both YouTube and Facebook Live.
  11. The adult SS class will be available on YouTube to be viewed anytime.
  12. A children’s SS class video will continue to be provided on our YouTube page and the activity sheets will be emailed to those on Pastor Fox’s email list.
  13. Kids 4 Truth will continue by Zoom meetings on Thursday nights.
  14. There will be children’s classes on Wednesday nights.
  15. Little Lights (ages 3-5) will meet on Sunday nights.
  16. Our 6th – 12th grade students will meet with Brother DJ and Brother Jac on Wednesday nights in the FEC.
  17. Discipleship classes will meet with Brother Adam and Ms. Brandie on Wednesday nights (using larger rooms to be announced)
  18. Songbooks will not be used at this time.
  19. Offering plates will not be passed but stationed at the exit points.
  20. Families will all sit together.
  21. All fellowshipping will take place outside of the church buildings.
  22. Because there will be a 9:00 AM and a 10:30 AM service, please be careful entering and exiting the parking lot.
  23. The Ladies of Grace and Victory Classrooms can be utilized for social distancing needs that arise.  Both rooms are equipped to broadcast the service.

If you have any additional question or comments, please contact us at (423) 639-2582