Our Purpose

There is a God-shaped hole in the heart of every teenager that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can fill. Our desire is to see teenagers live for the Lord for a lifetime. We want to lay the groundwork for a lifelong relationship with Christ. In order to lay the foundation for this goal we need to have the right priorities.

Our first priority is to preach. Nothing is going to impact our teenagers like God’s Word. Anything less than God’s Word will not keep young people living for the Lord for a lifetime. We want to make sure our teenagers understand that nothing in youth group is as important as proclaiming God’s Word.

Our second priority is to partner. God has given teenagers three supports to help them live the Christian life. First and foremost, the Holy Spirit is given to all Christians to lead and guide them. We want to encourage our teenagers to yield wholly to the Holy Spirit. Second, God has established the Christian home, and our desire is not to diminish the authority of parents but to magnify it. Parents, at Eastside Baptist Church we are committed to uplifting your authority! Third, Jesus Christ established the church to help Christians continue in truth. Teenagers need to understand that the church is vital to their growth!

Our third priority is to protect. We want to provide an atmosphere for Christian fellowship. Our desire to provide an atmosphere where teenagers can mature and grow in the Lord and be supported by teenagers and adults who are likeminded. We do this through monthly activities and fellowships.

If you have any questions about our youth philosophy or upcoming activities please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you!

Pastor DJ can be reached at the church or at djwillis.ebc@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Typically, teens have the opportunity to attend one activity and one after-church fellowship throughout the month. These activities are designed to protect our teens by offering an environment where they can forge friendships, compete, and laugh in a wholesome environment.

Middle School Ignite

We offer a separate group for younger teens in 6th-8th grade. Often transitioning into a youth group can be intimidating and awkward. We desire to help middle schoolers through this stage. This group is a vital part of the Ignite Youth Group. Our purpose is to successfully assimilate middle schoolers into our youth group and train them to be the next leaders of their generation. This is a great opportunity to build comradery in a smaller group setting. We offer activities, middle school girls and boys Sunday School classes and a special program on Wednesday that consists of games, snacks, preaching, and small group studies.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We divide the teens into middle school and high school groups and we offer four Sunday School classes for teenagers. The class meets in the Family Enrichment Center located behind the main church building at 9:30 A.M. The classes and class leaders are as follows:

Middle School Girls — Ashley Hensley and Davina Fox

Middle School Boys — Jac Castillo

High School Girls — Amanda Willis

High School Boys — DJ Willis

Wednesday Youth Group

Each Wednesday at 7:00pm the teens have a separate service in the teen room. Our teen program call IGNITE consists of games, food, prayer, fellowship and most importantly the preaching of God’s Word. Our desire is to exalt our three priorities during this service so our young people will live for the Lord for a lifetime.

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